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Patanjali Rsi manifested the yoga-darsana and he explained about astanga-yoga the eight paths of yoga. Actually, this yoga is originally coming from Lord Siva and there are more than 700 types of yoga explained in there. 

In Srimad Bhagavad-gita, Krsna discourses about yogas in front of Arjuna in the battlefield of Kuruksetra. For this regard, every chapter of the Srimad Bhagavad-gita, the 18 chapters, have names of yoga: sankhya-yoga, karma-yoga, jnana-yoga, bhakti-yoga, hatha-yogarajavidya-yoga, many kinds of yoga He told to Arjuna. 

Actually, yoga means ‘how to unite with Lord’. Where is this word ‘yoga’ coming from? Because every word has an opposite word, for example, day and night - if there is day, the night must be there; light and darkness; demon, there must be a demigod. Because in this material world, this is always going on, there are opposite words, opposite moods… but could you speak one word that does not have opposite? You say ‘happy’ and ‘unhappy’... 

The word that does not have opposite is unique, unparalleled and in Sanskrit that is called ‘ananda’ - bliss. In the dictionary, you cannot find the opposite word of bliss. For this regard, Vedas explain, ananda-mayo 'bhyasat, ananda-mayo 'bhyasat, ananda-mayo 'bhyasat... (Vedanta-sutra 1.1.12) [“By nature, the Lord is always joyful.”] Again and again, we should practice achieving God, who is completely, absolutely full of bliss. Because if you once unite with Him, you will never separate from Him. Unite than separate, separate and unite [that is what usually happens], but if you once unite with God, you will never separate from Him again. For this regard our scriptures say:
[...] yadi haya tara yoga, na haya tabe viyoga,
viyoga haile keha na jiyaya
(CC Madhya 2.43)
Once you unite with God, you will never separate from Him, and if you separated from Him, you could not survive.

Actually, we did not meet with God. We are coming in this material world and are wondering in the same cycle of birth and death and we are suffering. In this world sometimes we also unite and separate and this is giving so much pain to our heart.

Have you ever felt separation from someone in your life? If your father died, you are feeling separation from him. You are feeling separation from your mother if your mother died, this is true. These are just examples, but you are also feeling separation from many things in your life. Separation means ‘giving so much pain in your heart’. And when you remember him or her, that time, in your heart, there is so much pain... and your heart melts and you are crying and shedding tears. Why? Why are you feeling separation from him or her? Why are you feeling separation from your father? 

[Devotee: Because he gave me so much love and affection.]

This is true, perfect answer. He gave so much love and affection to me, but I did not repay anything to him. 

You are feeling pain because, “my mother, she gave me so much love and affection, from my childhood... and now she was also giving me so much love and affection, she was always with me... and now she is not with me.”

“Who taught me how to walk? Just holding my fingers and taught me how to walk... Who fed me? Who sacrificed everything in her life for me? But I did not pay anything for her.”

Could you repay the love and affection of your mother? 

Our scriptures say, ‘impossible’. You cannot repay the love and affection of your parents, especially your mother. Try to understand this philosophy, then I explain more. “She also carried me in her womb for nine months; how she felt pain… but she never thought about her own happiness.”

When you realize these things and something is coming, then your heart will melt. I am just reminding you… realize these things! When you were a small baby, you were stooling and passing, and also disturbing her sleepness, but she never complained about anything.

She fed the milk to you... where is the milk coming from? From her body, her blood is transformed into milk and she fed me. “She gave all her energy to me, everything, every second, every moment she gave to me.” When you grew up, then you were thinking, “Maybe I will do something for my mother”, but suddenly mother died. And now you are feeling pain, separation from her.

In this material world, every human being is feeling these types of separation, in this material body. So when this separation is coming, what are you thinking? “How will I meet with her again?” You are thinking, “When will I meet her?” But is it possible? No. It is not possible in this body because she left the body, her body was already burned or buried, so in that body, you cannot meet her. This is true. And this is going on this way, that is separation - feeling pain in your heart. You are always thinking how to unite with her, but that is not possible. 

But I tell you, it is possible to meet with your parents and with all your friends again. How? If you chant holy names. Then again you will meet with him/her in the transcendental world because that world is called ananda-mayi-jagat, prema-mayi-jagat, full of bliss (ananda), happiness. So that is the thing, how will we return back to that world, the transcendental world? 

Who is your real father, who is your real mother? 

Oh, my Lord, You are my mother, You are my father, You are my all in all.

God is our real father. Just like the Bible says, God is our father and we are all His sons. In this regard, we are saying, “back to God, back to home” and then you will be free from all kinds of debts to your parents. 

You cannot repay the debts of your parents, but if you serve to Lord, then you will be free from these debts. [...] gato mukundam parihrtya kartam (SB 11.5.41) - If you completely surrender unto the lotus feet of Lord, then you will be free from all kinds of debts.

Who is happy in this material world? 

In this material world, no one is happy, it is not possible. But our scriptures explain who is happy: who has no debts and also who never goes out of his country.

If you take a loan, money from someone, your mind will be disturbed. Who never took any loan? 

[Someone in the audience says she never took any loan.]

You never took a loan? Do you have a credit card?

So, if you have no loan, then you will be happy.

All the human beings have six types of debts, loans: devarsi-bhutapta-nrnam […] (SB 11.5.41)

You are indebted to the demigods and demigoddess - deva-rna; you are indebted to the sadhus - rsi-rna; to the king - raja-rna - the government maintains this country, so you have to pay the taxes; to the other living entities, they protect you… In this way, we are all indebted. 

So how will we be free from all these debts? Our scriptures explain that if you completely surrender to Lord, [...] gato mukundam parihrtya kartam (SB 11.5.41), you will be free from all kinds of debts.

If you take a loan from someone and if you don’t pay back, next birth you will have to come back in his house, maybe as an animal, dog or others… and you will have to pay it! Maybe as a donkey! In this material world, you can cheat on others but you cannot cheat on Lord! I will tell a very small story and then you will understand.

Once, two friends, very bosom, and close friends were traveling to one place to another. Then, they bought a lottery ticket, they both paid for it, maybe ten reais. So one friend paid five reais and another friend paid five reais. They were lucky and they won 1 lakh (100,000) reais.  

Nighttime they came in one hotel, where they stayed together, and they kept in their bed the 100,000 reais. Then one of the friends was thinking, “If I killed him, I would get the whole money, because no one knows that we won this lottery money.” So this friend food poisoned the other friend, who had diarrhea and left the body. The doctor came and gave the death certificate: food poisoning. 

No one knew what happened, how he left the body, only his friend did. He then returned back home with 100,000 reais and told all his friends, “Oh, my friend left the body, he had food poisoning…” He was very clever, so he gave 10,000 reais to his friend’s family, showing how he was sympathetic to them. And everybody glorified him, “Oh, he is the best friend! He is helping the family of his dead friend with 10,000 reais!”

Then he started one business with the 90,000 reais and suddenly his business began to go up and up… and the 90,000 turned to 1 million! In this way, maybe 20 years passed and he had one son, only one son, very qualified and educated. (This is a real story, I read in the newspaper.) 

When his son was 20 years old, he started to have so much pain in his stomach. The father took him to many hospitals, but the doctors could not find out what was the problem with his stomach. Almost all the money from his business was spent for his son. His son was admitted to the best hospital in Dubai, and the doctors also checked him, but they could not find what was the reason for so much pain… and slowly, slowly, his son’s body was going down and down…

All his millions, all the money from his business, (90,000 to 1 million), he spent for his son! Finally, the doctor told, “Your son is almost dying, we cannot do anything else; just return back to your home.” 

One day that father was sitting on the bed where his son was about to die. He forgot that 20 years before he cheated his friend. In your life, if any problem comes, you are thinking, “What is my karma?” In the same way, he was sitting on the bed of his son, thinking, “What is my karma? All my money I spent for my son and now he is about to die and I am completely penniless... what is my karma?” 

Suddenly his son stood up from the bed and sat down, saying, “Oh, father, could you remember, 20 years ago, you food poisoned me, you cheated me... I am that same person, I am that same friend who you gave food poisoning. And now I am coming as your son and I am taking everything from you!” Then he left the body.

What is the purport of this story? 

You cannot cheat anyone; if you cheat anyone, it is you that will be cheated!

In this way, all the living entities are suffering. This is actually philosophy, all the living entities are wondering in the cycle of birth and death and are indebted to each other. 

But our philosophy is saying how we will be free from all kinds of debts. Because if you have debts (rna), you will have to come here in this material world and return back this money. So our scriptures very clearly explain, if you chant holy names, all your karma (fruits of action), will be completely destroyed. In this regard, chant holy names:

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna
Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

This is called bhakti-yoga and it is teaching us how we will be free from all kinds of debts. And how to attain the abode of Lord and again you will not come in this material world, then you will go to that world and you will be happy.

Jay Srila Gurudeva ki jay!