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All of us are coming from God. For example, a big fire and the spark; the same qualities are there. A big fire can burn everything, in the same way, the small spark of the fire can burn everything. Even if the petrol isn’t there, the propensity [to burn] is there.

But here in this material world, we forget our soul, we forget God. You have to love God, you have to love everybody. Try to understand these things; the Lord resides in the heart of all the living entities. Paramatma, the Supersoul, He resides in the heart of all the living entities. You accept it or not, you are the servant of Krsna.
jīvera ‘svarūpa’ haya — kṛṣṇera ‘nitya-dāsa’ 
(CCMadhya 20.108)
[“It is the living entities' constitutional position to be an eternal servant of Krsna...”]

For this regard, Caitanya Mahaprabhu is saying in this way, that we are all servants of Lord Krsna. This is our real identification. So why quarrel? Give love and affection to everyone. You give love and affection, this is the nature of us. Why you do not give love and affection? Everybody is manifested from God.

When you give love, then you are happy. And love is not coming one way, love is coming two ways. If you love me, I love you. Even if you don’t love me I have to give love to you. Love to you, love to your neighbor, love to everybody. Maybe your question is, why does not my neighbor give love to me? Because he does not know the meaning of love. If you give love to him, then one day he will give love to you. This is true.

How many times you forget to give forgiveness to your neighbor? Seven times to seventy times! Not one time, again and again. Why not? Give love and affection because maybe he does not know the meaning of love. An aggressive mood is coming because when the bodily conception and also the tama-guna (the mode of ignorance) is coming, he does not know the meaning of love and he does these things.

One day he will realize and he will know that we are all the sons and daughters of God. Only one God, one Father, we are all coming from Him. In our sastra, the Vedas, Upanisads, and Srimad Bhagavatam explain that we are created as human beings,  Manu. Who is our real father? Nu. For this regard, we are saying Manu. Srimad Bhagavatam says that Brahma first manifested Manu and Satarupa, so the Manu and Satarupa dynasty came and we are saying that we are human beings, Manu. Like Adam and Eve; it’s the same thing, but with a different name, or a different way of expressing.

If you read the Bible or if you read the Vedas, it’s the same thing just different names. We are saying Manu and Satarupa, they are saying Adam and Eve. It’s a different way of expression. If you read the Bible or if you read the Puranas, or any spiritual scriptures, it’s just a different way, a different language they are expressing the spirituality of these things.

But some people cannot understand the meaning, so they are also misleading the people, their minds are disturbed. Why in the whole world are there so many bad things? This is why. Because this is their misunderstanding. When they understand, there is no war just peace, peacefulness. This is our main object, how to understand perfectly these things. When their understanding will come, there will be no war, just peace. When the perfect meaning will come, there will be no war for these people.

Just in this world, you can understand that we are all the sons and daughters of God. There is only one God and one Father. So why are you, brother and brother, sister and sister, quarreling with each other? Will your father be pleased? So if your father will not be pleased why are you quarreling? This is the thing.

So you have to give love to everybody. There is only one God. That’s why I also explain, God, G-O-D: Generator, Operator, and Destroyer. Give love to all. Try to understand this feeling.

People nowadays don’t understand. Some people also misguide the people; they don’t understand the perfect meaning so they have to convert the people in this way. This is going on. What to do!

Gaura Premanande