Nov 30, 2017



Now just focus on quantity and gradually quality will be achieved

We have seen some sages doing chanting by surrounding them with fire; some during severe cold, standing in the river and chanting. But those who are devotees of Lord, what do they do? They only do continuous chanting of the holy names. What is achieved by knowledge and renunciation, devotees achieve the same by the mere chanting of holy names.

Lord is saying, whatever you do, you may eat, drink or enjoy, but always chant holy names. For Kali-yuga such a concession Lord has given. So no need to stand on one leg in the fire or in the river or upside down. And no need to suffer so much and put your body into trouble. Just sit down anyhow; during the winter there is nothing to worry, just sit down inside a blanket and chant the holy names. You may even lay down but just chant the holy names. 

Lord Himself is explaining the glories of the holy names, in any condition, you can chant, even the jivas who don’t want to chant. And how this chanting is achieved? By associating with devotees and hearing hari-katha from them. If the holy names are once tasted by the tongue, then no need to worry, chanting will be automatic. Automatic chanting will be there while performing your duties. 

I insist to you, chant one lakh of nama-japa, which means 64 rounds. You will see that during your sleep, the chanting will also continue. If someone chants 64 rounds, when he sleeps he will experience the chanting is also going on. Then what to say if he chants suddha-nama-japa?