January 11, 2017
Penha, Brasil

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gauranga-gunete jhure, nitya-lila tare sphure
(Gaurangera duti pada, 2)
One who is completely absorbed in the sweet pastimes of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Krsna-lila will automatically manifest in his heart, because Gaurasundara in non-different from Krsna. Krsna manifested in this Kali-yuga in the form of Sacinandana Gaurahari and took Srimati Radhika’s mood and complexion:
radhikara bhava kanti angikar kori
krsna avatirna hoila gauranga rupa dhari
“Antar krsna bahir gaura”, Caitanya Mahaprabhu is Krsna on the inside, but externally He is Gaura. Gauranga-lila means separation mood (vipralambha-mayi-lila) and Krsna-lila is sambhoga-mayi-lila (meeting lila). Krsna’s many sweet pastimes are beyond our material conception; you cannot understand it. If you are not in a very high level, as like Sukadeva Gosvamipada, uttam-uttam maha-bhagavata, it is very difficult to understand some of Krsna’s confidential lilas. For example, Krsna steals the cloths of the gopis; He performs rasa-lila with them and He also do water-sporting and boat-sporting with the gopis and this is beyond the rules and regulations of the society. In this way, Krsna’s many confidential lilas, if you listen from Srimad-Bhagavatam, maybe your mind will be very disturbed, because it is very difficult to reconcile. But Gaura-lila, you may understand; Chaiyanya Mahaprabhu’s lila is very sweet. For this regard, our acaryas explain, if you absorb in Gaura-lila, then by the causeless mercy of Sacinandana Gaurahari, you may understand about Krsna-lila; all our acaryas explain that again and again you have to listen Gaura-lila. 

“Gauranga-gunete jhure...” (Gaurangera duti pada, 2) In this Bengali song it is explained that one who completely absorbs in Gaura-lila, automatically Krsna-nitya-lila will manifest in his heart. 

In Goloka Vrndavana, once, Radha and Krsna and the gopis performed sweet rasa-lila. Rasa-lila means dancing, singing; many kinds of entertainment of the divine couple Radha and Krsna. Generally, when we discuss this, your material conception (visayi) automatically comes, but actually Their lilas (Radha and Krsna and gopis’s lilas) are transcendental. So, Radha, Krsna and the gopis performed sweet amorous pastimes in the transcendental world, Goloka Vrndavana. Then after midnight, all the gopis returned back to their own place, and Radha and Krsna were sleeping on a very confidential place on the bank of the Yamuna, because Yogamaya (Vrnda-devi) arranges how Radha and Krsna will take rest on the bank of  Yamuna. 

The divine couple Radha and Krsna are now taking rest in a very nice and beautiful kunja and both are completely absorbed in Their deep sleep, “lokavat lila keivalan”, as like human-beings. As like one blue lotus and one golden lotus together in that kunja; and that kunja is completely illuminated with the blue and golden color. Because Krsna’s complexion defeats the beauty of the blue gems and Srimati Radhika’s body complexion defeats the beauty of the golden gems; now golden complexion and blue complexion are mixed together, manifesting a very nice and beautiful effulgence in that kunja. 

In this material world, people use electrical devices to create different colors, but in Goloka Vrndavana, you cannot imagine how is the body complexion of Radha and Krsna and how that kunja is completely and absolutely illuminated by Them. 

So, Radha and Krsna are in deep sleep. In the meantime, Srimati Radhika wakes up and She becomes very upset; She pushed Krsna, “He Govinda, He Govinda, please wake up!”. 

Krsna is Bhagavan, if He is sleeping or if He is woke up, it is very difficult to give the decision. In this material world, at the same time, two opposite words cannot stay together. For example, happy and unhappy (sukha and duhkha); you may be happy or you may be unhappy, but you cannot say that you are happy and unhappy at the same time. So, nidra (to sleep) and jagrata (to wake up), in this material world, both cannot happen at the same time, because they are opposite words. You either sleep or wake up; when you sleep, you sleep and when you wake up, you wake up. 

In this material world, the middle stage between sleep and wake up is called ‘su supti dasa’, which means ‘not completely asleep and not completely woke up’; sometimes you are sleeping and then you wake up; sometimes you are listening and sometimes not. But at the same time, being in deep sleep and being completely woke up, that is not possible. 

Those who are taking drugs, at that time, they are not completely asleep and not completely woke up; sometimes they are feeling but sometimes not. This is the nature of the drug addicts. But in the transcendental world, Krsna is Bhagavan and for this regard two opposite things can stay together at the same time: sarva-jnata and mugdhata (all-knowing power and completely innocent; completely asleep and completely woke up). 

Another thing, if anybody is pretending to sleep, you cannot wake him up, but if anybody is in deep sleep, you can easily do it. But if you are as like Kumbhakarna, it is very difficult also. In Ramayana, Kumbhakarna was sleeping, then they made many sounds in his ears, but still he didn’t wake up. But finally they put very nice and delicious food smell in his nostrils and Kumbhakarna woke up. 

Krsna is Bhagavan, if He sleeps or wakes up, it is very difficult to give the decision. So you may say that He is only pretending to sleep, because He is Bhagavan, how possible He will sleep? So in this argument, how possible one can wake Him up? If Krsna is pretending to sleep, you cannot wake Him up. 

Srimati Radhika, again and again pushed Him, “He Govinda, please wake up, please wake up!”, but Krsna could not open His eyes, because He was very tired. Again and again, Srimati Radhika pushed Him. Anyhow, Krsna opened His eyes and asked, “He Srimati Radhika, what happened? What dilemma has come? What is your problem? It is midnight now and you woke Me up”. Then She said, “He Govinda, I will tell one confidential thing to You”. 

“What is that, what happened?”

“He Govinda, everybody know I am a chaste lady. Only You are my heart and soul; You are My Govinda, You are My life air. I never remember of any other person except You. Day and night, I am always absorbed in You. But, in this night, a bad dream has come. So maybe I lost my chastity. Why this bad dream has come? I am never thinking of any other person than You.” 

“What bad dream has come?”

“He Govinda, listen, in My dream has come one very nice and beautiful tall brahmana who took sannyasi. And that brahmana’s complexion was golden. “Ajanu-lambita bahu”, that golden complexion brahmana had long hands and arms, going until under His knees; He had very nice and beautiful long eyes and His head was completely shaved. That brahmana who took sannyasi had a very nice and beautiful saffron cloth, ‘arunambaradhara’¹ and twelve tilak marks in His body. When he danced, while chanting the holy names, the whole world started to shake, as like an elephant that rides on a boat and the boat starts rocking. And tears were rolling down from His eyes. That beautiful brahmana’s golden complexion illuminated the whole four directions. Very nice and beautiful reddish lips and when He chanted these holy names, His throat was completely chocked. Perspiration was also dropping from His body. Very beautiful brahmana… Sometimes He was rolling on the ground; sometimes laughing; sometimes crying. When He chanted these holy names ‘Hare Krsna’, when He chanted ‘Hare’, I am thinking You are chanting ‘Hare’ and when that brahmana chanted ‘Krsna’, I am thinking I am chanting ‘Krsna’ and sometimes I am confused, who is that brahmana-sannyasi? I am thinking You are Me and We are mixed together and chanting Hare Krsna. And sometimes that brahmana is completely absorbed in My mood and He is crying. That brahmana-sannyasi was always crying, “Where will I go? Where will I get My beloved Govinda?” and crying, crying, crying… So that brahmana’s very nice and beautiful complexion and form are still in My mind, always coming, and I can’t forget that brahmana from the dream.”

“He Radhe, listen to My words. That brahmana is none other than Me, I am that brahmana! I came in Your mind in the form of a dream, so I was that brahmana!”

“How possible? That brahmana had a golden complexion and You have a black complexion! That brahmana’s eyes, hands, nose looked like Yours, but the complexion was completely different! Another thing, that brahmana who took sannyasi had also a very nice and beautiful saffron cloth, ‘sannyasi-vesa’, ‘dor-kaupina.’”

“He Srimati Radhike, please listen to My words, I truly tell to You. As soon as Kali-yuga has come, I will appear in the form of that brahmana-sannyasi. I have many incarnations and one of them is called ‘Gauranga-avatara’, ‘Gaura-avatara’ and that dhama is called ‘Gaura-dhama’, which is non-different from Vrndavana-dhama.”

“How possible You are that sannyasi-brahmana? I don’t believe it!”

“In Kali-yuga, I will appear in the form of brahmana and I will take sannyasa.” 

“How possible You will take sannyasa? You are a completely lusty person!”

Who is completely absorbed in visayi (lusty desires), if you give many instructions, that is useless, “usara-bhumite yena bijera ropana” (Rama-carita-manasa). This Sanskrit verse means that in the barren land there is no grass, it is completely desert, if you plant any grains there, it will never manifest; even grass will not manifest there! As like in our head, when sometimes the hair is not growing anymore... So the barren land looks like a desert and if you plant any seeds there, it will never sprout! In the same way, those persons who are completely and fully absorbed in enjoying the sense gratification (lusty desires), if you give them any instruction, any vairagya-katha (renunciation katha), there will be no effects. For this regard, Tulasi dasa, in  Rama-carita-manasa, wrote this verse, “usara-bhumite yena bijera ropana”, even if you plant the seed in the barren land, it will never sprout. 

In the same way, Srimati Radhika told, “He Krsna, how possible You will take sannyasi in Kali-yuga? You are completely stupid nonsense, rascal. You are a lusty person, how possible You will take sannyasi? I don’t believe it”.

So, Narahari Sarkar very nicely quoted one verse about when Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Gaurangasundara, took sannyasa. Because Gaura-lila and Krsna-lila are going side-by-side: when Gaura-lila is going on here, then in the transcendental world, Krsna-lila is simultaneously going on; and when Krsna-lila is going on here, in the transcendental world, Svetadvipa, Navadvipa-dhama, Gaura-lila is also going on. So, Gaura-lila and Krsna-lila are simultaneously going on, as like ‘alavat chakra’, if you move one burning stick very quickly, it will make a circle.

Narahari Sarkar explains that when Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu took sannyasi, the saffron cloth (dor-kaupina, sannyasi-vesa), shaved His head, that time in the transcendental world, one gopi told to another gopi, “He sakhi, look, now in the material world, how our beloved Krsna, Govinda, is taking sannyasa”.

A black coal, if a thousand times you wash in the fresh Ganga water, the coal will never give up his blackish complexion. So, one sakhi told to the other, “How possible Krsna will take sannyasa?”. 

“No, no, look! Krsna shaved His head and is taking dor-kaupina, sannyasi-vesa (saffron cloth).” 

“Actually this is not His saffron cloth, as you are seeing externally. In our rasa dance, the gopis’s rasa dance in Vrndavana, our vesa-kumkum completely colored our cloths and after the rasa-dance, we changed and threw that cloths away. So with that kumkum color He covered His body and He is saying that He is taking sannyasa, but this is not true. And you are saying that now He is not blackish, but that He has a very nice and beautiful fresh complexion? Do you know, the fresh complexion of our beloved means that He is very expert in joking, for this regard He covered His black complexion with the pollen of the lotus. He is hiding Himself and no one can recognize Him and see that He is that blackish Krsna person.”

Krsna told, “He Radhe, actually I am the same Krsna and in this Kali-yuga I will take sannyasi; I will preach My own holy names and I will give My highest vraja-prema to everybody. I have many incarnations, because I am Krsna, ‘krsnas tu bhagavan svayam’ and I also have many dhamas”.

Srimati Radhika asked, “Could You show Me all Your beautiful incarnation forms?”.

Then Krsna manifested all His incarnations and avataras in front of Srimati Radhika: Matsa, Kurma, Varaha, Nrisimha, Rama… He manifested all the avataras one by one, as like a movie in the cinema. Srimati Radhika became very surprised and finally Krsna manifested His Gaura-lila form, Sacinandana Gaurahari. And Srimati Radhika said, “This Gaura form manifested in My dream! Now I realize You are the same person; You are Gaura and You are Krsna; You are Krsna and You are Gaura. Gaura and Krsna, there are no difference”.

“He Radha, now Kali-yuga has come and I have to go to My Navadvipa-dhama, but without You, how possible will I go and preach My sweet holy names and distribute the highest prema of Vraja? 

“I cannot go with You, because where there is no Vraja-dhama, Giriraj Govardhan, Yamuna, gopas, gopis, cows, I will not go there”. 

“He Radhe, My Navadvipa-dhama, Svetadvipa-dhama, is non-different from Vrndavana; Giriraj Govardhan, Yamuna, all the gopas and gopis are there. Because of My Yogamaya, everything are there, so please come with Me.”

“May I go?” 

“He Radhe, another thing, in this Kali-yuga I have to perform rasa-lila, but that rasa-lila is called nama-sankirtana rasa-lila. In Dvapara-Yuga, the rasa-lila I did was called gopi rasa-lila, I was the only male person and you were all gopis, female. But in My Navadvipa-lila, that rasa-lila is called nama-sankirtana rasa-lila and everybody can join it; everybody can simple chant My sweet holy names!”

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna
Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

In Krsna’s rasa-lila in Vrndavana, only the gopis (ladies) joined and only the young girls, not the old ladies, they cannot attend to the rasa-dance; not even the very small ones can go. Only the young girls can attain in My rasa-lila. But in My Navadvipa-dhama, nama-sankirtana rasa-lila, everybody can join: old men, old women, small babies, young, even the babies in the womb of their mother can also attain my nama-sankirtana rasa-lila.

Then Srimati Radhika appeared in the form of Gadadhara Pandit and Lalita-devi, in the form of Svarupa-Damodara. Most of the gopis, Srimati Radhika and all Her girlfriends, appeared in Navadvipa-dhama in the male form; some also appeared in the female form, but mostly in the male form and they assisted Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s nama-sankirtana. 

“(hari) haraye namah krsna yadavaya namah...”
¹ These two verses were later indicated by Srila Gurudev:
tam pranamami ca sri-saci-tanayam (3) 
[“He wears cloth the saffron hue of the rising sun, and His cheeks are charming. His fingernails and toenails radiate a brilliance that eclipses the glory of the full moon, and He receives immense bliss by performing the kirtana of His own names and virtues. I offer pranama to the beautiful son of Mother Saci.”] 
tam pranamami ca sri-saci-tanayam (8) 
[“The shape of His eyes challenges the elongated form of a reddish lotus petal. His beautiful arms extend down to His knees, and His form is graced with the attire of a youthful dancer. I offer pranama to the beautiful son of Mother Saci.”]
(Sri Saci-tanayastakam, Srila Sarvabhauma Bhatacarya)