“Sri Sri Guru Gaurangau jayatah
Sri Devananda Gaudiya Math, Nabadwip, 27ᵀᴴ June 2002,
My dear respected and affectionate Vana Maharaja,
     I received your letter from Holland, dated from 19ᵀᴴ June 2002, yesterday and I am very much pleased. You spoke very nicely your lecture about “Peace and prayer”. Therefore, there are many points that if you would speak them, it would be nice.
     According to the qualification of the prayers, the results will be different. The conditioned souls are actually attached to material objects; therefore, they cannot understand the highest peacefulness of aprakrta vastu (Absolute Substance). And they (materialist people) are unable to realize about transcendental objects, for this reason, they never pray to Lord.
     Anyhow, I pray your lecture improve day by day. I hope Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu bless you.
     At this moment, I have lost my memory. I cannot remember anything else. Also, I cannot see anymore, nor write.
     I think, in the rest of my life, it’s not possible again go to Vrndavana. I pray to Lord all you stay in Vrndavana and do bhajana and sadhana.
     I am an offender and from far I offer my obeisances to Vrndavana-dhama and you pay my obeisances to pujyapada Narayana Maharaja. Let him know that I am offering my dandavat-pranamas to hi, and all you accept.
Paying obeisances,
Fallen Trivikrama.
27ᵀᴴ June 2002.”