Morning Walk 
Teresópolis, RJ/Brazil
2015 (Christmas Eve)

Q: You say to us to love who loves our Gurudev, but how to love who loves our guru?

A: As like [My] Gurudev: he loves Bhaktivedanta Svami Maharaj, so all the disciples of Bhativedanta Svami Maharaj loves Gurudev. This is a simple way. Because everybody saw how he [Svami Maharaj] loves My Guru. This is the process: who loves my guru I love this person. And who has the same mood of my guru I am also with this person.

Why most of Svami Maharaj’s disciples came to Gurudev? Because they noticed this. How [My] Srila Gurudev gave so much love and affection and Svami Maharajin the same way, gave him so much love and affection too. Svami Maharaj in his last moment hold Gurudev’s hands: “oh, you have to take care of my disciples. And you have to give me samadhi…” It is all recorded in video. So, this is the thing.

And the same things Svami Maharaj told, [My] Gurudev also told, the same. What is written in the books of Svami Maharaj and in his commentaries, if you read carefully you will understand this. Everything is in there.

This is [what means] to have the same mood. This is the process.

Without gurus with the same mood, you cannot develop your bhajan and sadhan. So always give emphasis on [your] gurudev. For one life you should be absorbed in guru.

I told you. Most of the disciples of Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupad were always absorbed with their Prabhupad. For this regard, yesterday I gave you one example of Bhakti Prajñan Kesav Gosvami Maharaj. When he used to come to the samadhi place of Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupad in Mayapur, he could not utter [the word]:“Prabhupad”. He said:“Pra…” and tears fell down and his throat chocked. Then He gave instruction to Srila Vaman Gosvami Maharaj, Trivikram Gosvami or Srila Narayan Gosvami Maharaj: speak something about Prabhupad.

So always remember how to be absorbed with [your own] Gurudev. But that does not mean that you should neglect others vaisnavas. Give respect to all vaisnavas but your heart should be absorbed with [your] Gurudev. So give respect to others vaisnavas.

Srila Gurudev: [Meditate in] Asta kaliya-lila is just when you realize your own transcendental andconstitutional form. At that time you will do asta kaliya-lila.

First you do two kinds of smaranam (remembrance). One is called asta kaliya-lila-sarasaki and the other, mantra mayi-upasana.

You won’t do asta kaliya-lila now. It’s according to your level. Sarasaki-lila you do when you were in the stage of bhav and prem. This is very, very rare for sadhakas, but mantra mayi-upasana you can practice, no problem.

Q: How to do mantra mayi-upasana?

A: Remembering one by one the slokas from sastra or guru’s activities and remembrances. That is called mantra mayi-upasana. When you are chanting gopal-mantra, this is mantra mayi-upasana.

When you come in the stage of bhav and prem, then [you do] sarasaki. It means that according to your own particular stayi-bhav (mood), it spontaneously comes to your heart and at that time asta kaliya-lila comes. This is not an imaginary thing in your brain, nothing like this. It will come spontaneously.

You should not imitate this in your immature stage. No need of doing this.

But in mantra mayi-upasana you can meditate. First meditate in guru, sastra. Meditate in one by one slokas. This is ok.

The activities of [each one] Gurudev as a sadhaka, the time he wakes up, do his activities, this is mantra mayi-upasana. That is called guru-dhyan, guru-mantra, that is good. All of these come in mantra mayi-upasana.

When in sarasaki-upasana, you cannot see guru. There, you will see guru as a manjari. As Raghunath das Gosvami, in [the book] Vilapa-kusumanjali, fisrtsloka, when he glorifies Srila Rupa Gosvamipad. But at that time, he is not looking at Srila Rupa Gosvamipad, he is looking to Rupa Manjari.

In sadhaka stage, he was looking to Rupa Gosvami, but in the siddha stage he looks at Rupa Manjari. (verse)

At that time He did not say Rupa Gosvami, he said: “He Rupa Manjari! I know that you are a very chaste lady, that never sees another person, except your husband, but I know that in these few days your husband was not in your house. So, who touched your lips because they are with a very nice red color as a bimba fruit? Who kissed your lips?”

It means “maybe one very nice and beautiful parrot came and touched your lips thinking it was a bimba fruit”.

Actually, this is one kind of loving joke. At that time he was not his guru. At that time he realized his own transcendental and constitutional form – siddha-deha. Raghunath Gosvami was thinking:“I am Rati-manjari and Rupa Gosvami is RupaManjari!”

If you don’t know your own transcendental constitutional form, siddha-deha, you cannot meditate in the astakaliya-lilaor sarasaki-lila.

At that time you will forget your physical body. You will be always absorbed in transcendental things.

Now just chant the holy names to remove your anarthas and then slowly, slowly, the realization will come, about your siddha-deha.

Q: How to develop the mood?

A: Everything will come when you chant the holy names. Serve guru and Krsna and slowly, slowly it will come. Read sastra. Sastra-jñan will come. You have to cross the line of a kanistha-adhikari. When you cometo the stage of a madhyama-adhikari - intermediary devotee - then slowly, slowly the realization will come. Then ruci, asakti, then bhav will come. This is the process.

Everything will come step by step, not in one day. You cannot jump.

Q: When we are offering bhoga to thakurji, first we offer to guru. But if [my] Gurudev will take the prasad later, will he eat twice?

A: He can take it a hundred times, no problem(laughs). In JagannathPuri, Krsna takes prasad in the houses of all queens of Dvaraka. Rukmini, Satyabhama, Laksamana, all of them, every day.That is because He is Bhagavan.

Devotee: But it is the same bhoga...

SrilaGurudev: You see it as the same bhoga but for those who are high-class devotees, different kinds of preparations are going on.

SrilaGurudev: Subhadra is the daughter of Devaki and Vasudev. Actually she is a manifestation of Yogamaya.

VasudevMaharaj has 18 queens, but she is the daughter of Devaki.

She manifested some beyond-humanlilas, apakrita-lila. Ati-manav-lila, it means beyond human being understanding. (14:57)

Srila Gurudev (while looking to a very dense forest): Here looks like Vrndavan. Very nice. Now, if you go there, you cannot see it as like this, but here looks like Vrndavan, the forest.

Visvanath Cakravartipad very nicely glorified about Braj in the grantha “Braj-riti cintamani”, nice book.

Q: What’s the meaning of prasada-seva?

A: Prasad has two meanings. One is krpa, mercy. To receive the mercy of Gurudev. And prasad-seva are the remnants of Krsna that I will accept.

As like a medicine. A medicine you cannot eat, you accept it. Krsna is the doctor. Krsna is the supreme doctor.

Q: How to serve prasad?

A: You can think that this is not a food; it is a Krsna’s medicine that will make me free from maya.

Nama-seva is to chant the holy names. All vaisnav’s words are seva, service. To serve is to please Krsna. Seva means “how to please Krsna, how Krsna will be pleased.

If I chant the holy names Krsna will be pleased, so it is seva. If I take mahaprasad, then Krsna will be pleased. So, all our activities are exclusively for the pleasure of Krsna. In bhakti this is the best thing.

When you chant the holy names Krsna will give you everything. Do bhajan and sadhan and Krsna will give you everything. (verse)

In this verse Krsna told to Arjun that one who is one pointed with Him, who doesn’t worship any others except Him. If you are one pointed with guru and Krsna, Krsna will carry on everything on His head for you. This is one verse of Srimad Bhagavad-gita. Just be one pointed with guru and Krsna and Krsna will arrange everything.

Just chant the holy names. In this age of kali there is no other process. Only one process: hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.

A: Krsna has 19 signs on His lotus feet. So, one by one you can also remember. All of them are important. First you chant the holy names. While you are chanting, remember the footprints of Krsna. (verse)

Srimati Radhika told how beautiful is Vrndavan. Because Krsna walks on the paths of Vrndavan and everywhere there are His footprints. And when Krsna walks on the paths of Vrndavan, just behind Him, Brahma, Siva, all the demigods and demigoddesses used to come in Vrndavan and worship His footprints. (verse)

Krsna’s glorifications are spread all over the universe. Even Laksmi-devi is hankering in how to worship the lotus feet of Krsna. Even

Laksmi-devi, that is one pointed with Her husband Narayan in Vaikuntha-dham, used to go to Vrndavan to worship the lotus feet of Krsna. Because Krsna’s feet is very sweet and soft and very wonderful also.

According to the conception of the scriptures – tattva-darsan – there are no difference between Narayan and Krsna (verse).

But according to rasa-vicar, Krsna is much higher than Narayan. Because the same Krsna manifests Himself in the form of Narayan in Vaikuntha. Santa and dhasya-rasas are there. And Krsna Brajendranandan Syamasundar is always full of 12 mellows, madhurya-ras, and 12 mellows are there. Specially, madhurya-bhav is in there.

So, for this regard, Krsna’s feet are very sweet. Laksmi-devi used to come in Vrndanvan to find out how to serve the lotus feet of Krsna. But this is not so easy to get, to serve the lotus feet of Krsna.

Because Krsna’s lotus feet have 19 types of footprints. The flag, a very nice and beautiful flag. Every country has its flag. Flag is the significance of victory. That means that if you remember the flag in Krsna’s footprint, you can also conquer maya. It means victory over maya.

Another thing is when there are loving quarrels with Radha and Krsna, then Krsna is defeated and He carries the flag of Srimati Radhika on His shoulder. This was quoted by Srila Visvanath Cakravarti Thakur -Vijay Sakha. There are two meanings of vijay sakha. One friend of Krsna has this name, Vijay-sakha. And Vijay Sakha means that Krsna is carrying the flag of Srimati Radhika on His shoulder. She says: “Ok, now You are defeated, so I conquered and you have to carry on my flag!”

So, if you remember these types of things, then you can conquer maya.

The other is the thunderbolt. The thunderbolt destroys all your lust and anger. Lust and anger are like a big, big mountain. How to destroy the mountain? With a thunderbolt as like Indra who tried to destroy Braj with thunderbolts. In the same way if you remember the thunderbolt on the Krsna’s footprint then all your lust, anger, will be destroy. This is the process.

Unkush means goad. The elephants are controlled by a goad, that the elephant driver uses to control them, with a small goad. In the same way if you remember the unkush then you can control maya too. And you can control Krsna also. Srimati Radhika controls to Krsna with Her goad of man (anger). (verse) Srimati Radhika controls to Krsna with Her man. Man means “anger mood”, “leftish wing mood”.

So Krsna is like a mad elephant. But how to control a mad elephant? With a goad. So, Srimati Radhika can control Krsna with Her goad of man. (verse)

In this way Srimati Radhika controls Krsna. He is very intoxicated with Her youth, beautiful form. She is very expert in speak sweet eloquent words and Krsna is completely intoxicated.

She is very expert in different, different kinds of arts. 64 types of arts.How to speak, how to walk. Every kind of art Srimati Radhika knows. All kinds of arts.

Even how to look. With Her very nice and beautiful romantic sidelong glance She also controls Krsna.

In Vrndavan, Krsna used to go to Candravali and then Srimati Radhika didman. Why? Because She knows: “Only I can give completely and exclusively pleasure for Krsna, Candravali cannot. And if Krsna cannot get the exclusive pleasure or happiness from Candravali, He won’t be happy.”

So, for this regard, Srimati Radhika did man. This is the process. She has no jealousy, in this world there is jealousy. Jealousy is one kind of poison. But there, there is no jealousy. In this material world looks like jealousy, but it is not jealousy actually. All activities are only for the service of Krsna, krsna-seva. In this material world, jealousy, enviousness, selfishness also coming, but in transcendental world there is no selfishness, no jealousy. There, “jealousy”, man, is only for Krsna-seva.

So, for this regard Srimati Radhika did man. Man is not jealousy, there is no selfishness. In this material world everything is selfishness. But there, all activities are for the exclusive pleasure of Krsna. The definition of bhakti is like this. (verse). All the endeavors are for the exclusive pleasure of Krsna, what is favorable for Him. All activities.

So, for this regard, Krsna used to go to the kunja of Candravali and Srimati Radhika becomes angry. Why? Because She knows that “only I can give pleasure to Krsna.”

So, maybe your question will come in this case: why does Krsna go to Candravali’s kunja if there He cannot get the perfect satisfaction and happiness? Why does He go there?

Actually, Yogamaya creates this separation in the heart of Srimati Radhika. The separation is the nourishment of the meeting. If you are always staying together you cannot develop your meeting. So, for this regard, Yogamaya arranges everything in this way.

So, for this regard, Krsna goes to the place of Candravali, then Srimati Radhika feels separation and She doesman in this way, then different, different kinds of anubhav come. Srimati Radhika’s mind is always absorbed in Krsna. 24 hours, She is always absorbed with Krsna; how to serve Krsna, how to give pleasure to Krsna. 24 hours Her mind is absorbed.

She knows everything but Yogamaya arranges everything. Because Krsna is called rasik, He knows how to increase more and more love and affection in the heart of Srimati Radhika.

If I tell you too much you cannot understand. If I speak too much you will be like the buffalo, chewing the grass while the flautist plays the flute.

The cow cannot discriminate between a rasa-gula or the rice rusk.

Chant the holy names. For now you cannot digest everything, so, step by step, listen tohari-katha, chant holy names, do bhajan and sadhan, give up your bad things, stupid-nonsense things and just for one life sacrifice yourself for guru and Krsna and chant the holy names and do bhajan and sadhan.

Do you understand?

Gaur Premanande! Hari Haribol!