Love who loves your guru

Morning Walking in Teresópolis-RJ, Brazil – 2015 Christmas Evening – (Audio: 151224_001)

Q: How to love who loves your [own] guru?

A: As like [My] Gurudev loves Bhaktivedanta Svami Maharaj, so all the disciples of BhativedantaSvamiMaharaj loves Gurudev. This is a simple way. Because everybody saw how he [SvamiMaharaj] loves My Guru. This is the process: who loves my guru I love this person. And who has the same mood of my guru I am also in the same mood as this person.

Why most of Svami Maharaj’s disciples came to Gurudev? Because they noticed this. How [My] Srila Gurudev gave so much love and affection and Svami Maharajin the same way, gave him so much love and affection too. Svami Maharaj in his last moment hold Gurudev’s hands: “oh, you have to take care of my disciples. And you have to give me samadhi…” It is all recorded in video. So, this is the thing.

And the same things Svami Maharaj told, [My] Gurudev also told, the same. What is written in the books of Svami Maharaj and in his commentaries, if you read carefully you will understand this. Everything is in there.

This is [what means] to have the same mood. This is the process.

Without gurus with the same mood, you cannot develop your bhajan and sadhan. So always give emphasis on [your] gurudev. For one life you should be absorbed in guru.

I told you. Most of the disciples of Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupad were always absorbed with their Prabhupad. For this regard, yesterday I gave you one example of Bhakti Prajñan Kesav Gosvami Maharaj. When he used to come to the samadhi place of Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupad in Mayapur, he could not utter [the word]:“Prabhupad”. He said:“Pra…” and tears fell down and his throat chocked. Then He gave instruction to Srila Vaman Gosvami Maharaj, Trivikram Gosvami or Srila Narayan Gosvami Maharaj: speak something about Prabhupad.

So always remember how to be absorbed with [your own] Gurudev. But that does not mean that you should neglect others vaisnavas. Give respect to all vaisnavas but your heart should be absorbed with [your] Gurudev. So give respect to others vaisnavas.