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Now just focus on quantity and gradually quality will be achieved

We have seen some sages doing chanting by surrounding them with fire; some during severe cold, standing in the river and chanting. But those who are devotees of Lord, what do they do? They only do continuous chanting of the holy names. What is achieved by knowledge and renunciation, devotees achieve the same by the mere chanting of holy names.

Lord is saying, whatever you do, you may eat, drink or enjoy, but always chant holy names. For Kali-yuga such a concession Lord has given. So no need to stand on one leg in the fire or in the river or upside down. And no need to suffer so much and put your body into trouble. Just sit down anyhow; during the winter there is nothing to worry, just sit down inside a blanket and chant the holy names. You may even lay down but just chant the holy names. 

Lord Himself is explaining the glories of the holy names, in any condition, you can chant, even the jivas who don’t want to chant. And how this chanting is achieved? By associating with devotees and hearing hari-katha from them. If the holy names are once tasted by the tongue, then no need to worry, chanting will be automatic. Automatic chanting will be there while performing your duties. 

I insist to you, chant one lakh of nama-japa, which means 64 rounds. You will see that during your sleep, the chanting will also continue. If someone chants 64 rounds, when he sleeps he will experience the chanting is also going on. Then what to say if he chants suddha-nama-japa?

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Diksa-guru is Krsna Himself that manifested in this material world; a manifestation of Baladeva Prabhu or Nityananda Prabhu. There are many types of guru: diksa-guru, siksa-guru, vartma-pradarsaka-guru, mahanta-guru. Actually, mahanta-guru is Krsna Himself. As like Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, He is also acting the role of guru. 

Caitanya Mahaprabhu is Krsna, but He is taking the mood of bhakta, bhakta-bhava, and as a bhakta, He is acting the role of guru; so Caitanya Mahaprabhu is also acting the role of mahanta-guru. And at the same time, Caitanya Mahaprabhu is Krsna, so He resides in the heart of all the living entities; in the heart of the devotees. 

So, Caitanya Mahaprabhu is acting four roles: Krsna, devotee, caitya-guru and mahanta-guru.

The Paramatma, Supersoul, resides in the heart of all the living entities and His duty is just to witness; what the living entities are doing, He is just watching it. When the living entity’s sukrti is matured and accumulated and he has surrendered unto the lotus feet of guru, then caitya-guru who resides in the heart, Paramatma, gives us inspiration on how to develop our bhajana and sadhana. This is the process.

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January 11, 2017
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gauranga-gunete jhure, nitya-lila tare sphure
(Gaurangera duti pada, 2)
One who is completely absorbed in the sweet pastimes of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Krsna-lila will automatically manifest in his heart, because Gaurasundara in non-different from Krsna. Krsna manifested in this Kali-yuga in the form of Sacinandana Gaurahari and took Srimati Radhika’s mood and complexion:
radhikara bhava kanti angikar kori
krsna avatirna hoila gauranga rupa dhari
“Antar krsna bahir gaura”, Caitanya Mahaprabhu is Krsna on the inside, but externally He is Gaura. Gauranga-lila means separation mood (vipralambha-mayi-lila) and Krsna-lila is sambhoga-mayi-lila (meeting lila). Krsna’s many sweet pastimes are beyond our material conception; you cannot understand it. If you are not in a very high level, as like Sukadeva Gosvamipada, uttam-uttam maha-bhagavata, it is very difficult to understand some of Krsna’s confidential lilas. For example, Krsna steals the cloths of the gopis; He performs rasa-lila with them and He also do water-sporting and boat-sporting with the gopis and this is beyond the rules and regulations of the society. In this way, Krsna’s many confidential lilas, if you listen from Srimad-Bhagavatam, maybe your mind will be very disturbed, because it is very difficult to reconcile. But Gaura-lila, you may understand; Chaiyanya Mahaprabhu’s lila is very sweet. For this regard, our acaryas explain, if you absorb in Gaura-lila, then by the causeless mercy of Sacinandana Gaurahari, you may understand about Krsna-lila; all our acaryas explain that again and again you have to listen Gaura-lila.